The Ultimate Time Machine clock is an extraordinary combination of historic technology in the form of Nixie tubes and modern craftsmanship of metalworking and design. The futuristic, Star Wars-like appearance, and above all, the 105 cm long base of the clock is made of milled powder-coated brass and acid-etched stainless steel, which gives it an original texture and color.

It is crowned with 6 Nixie digital tubes placed in 3D printed tubes. The tubes and some of the screws were covered with a structural paint that better reflects heat. Their performance is inspired by solutions used in motorcycle engines or luxury sports cars. The whole clock, thanks to its solid workmanship from the highest quality materials, weighs as much as 34 kg. The author of the clock design is Paweł Czyżewski.

The Ultimate Time Machine clock owes its unique appearance primarily to digital (electron) tubes, better known as Nixie tubes. They were created in the 1950s thanks to Haydu Brother Laboratories and became part of many measuring devices of that time, in which they were used as displays. They were produced all over the world in different sizes and shapes, and above all, they were given different purposes. Over time, they were replaced by LED displays, which stopped their production. The lamps used today come from previously unused stocks, therefore they are exceptional and unique. Nixie tubes consist of one anode in the form of a grid and several cathodes made of wire and shaped like digits. The lamp is filled with a mixture of neon and argon under low pressure. Thanks to the separate control of the voltage between the cathodes, only one of them is lit at a time. The emitted light has a characteristic orange-red color.

Dimensions: 105 cm long, 20 cm wide, 40 cm high
Weight: 34 kg

Individual project.

Like all our products, this one also offers the possibility of almost any surface finish, color, type of materials used.


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