RACE 1907.

RACE 1907 is our sofa, the name alludes to the date of the creation of the first race track in the world, Brooklands in Great Britain.
The form of the sculpture itself is a feature of the space, and at the same time does not refer to any specific car with its shape. Automotive references
we create by the surface finish, lacquer color, leather color, material and stitching. The sculpture made of laminate has replaceable side flaps, thanks to which we can make side inlets,
such as in the Ford GT40, and the tailgate opening gives us the opportunity to place the alcohol bar, storage or use in any other way.
The whole will be meticulously made in the office or garage.

Individual project.

Like all our products, this one also offers the possibility of almost any surface finish, color, type of materials used.


ul. Poznańska 56, 69-110 Rzepin
woj. lubuskie, Polska


Please do not hesitate to contact us. In addition to the offered products, we are able to create a personalized design which will be made only for you.