COMMANDER is the main focus element of the room. Sitting at this piece of art we often make the most important decisions regarding business and personal matters.

It is a place of meetings, talks and a witness to significant events. Therefore, the table we have created will undoubtedly be the hero of space. Steel industrial form, glass top, leather detail and personalized sculpture that we can admire while sitting at the table.

Individual project.

Like all our products, this one also gives the possibility of almost any surface finish of the steel structure, selection of the type of glass or the entire table top, leather pads that will match our AVIATOR ACE chair.


ul. Poznańska 56, 69-110 Rzepin
woj. lubuskie, Polska


Please do not hesitate to contact us. In addition to the offered products, we are able to create a personalized design which will be made only for you.