The passion for aviation and aviation structures gave rise to the creation of the AVIAROR ACE office chair. The strong aluminum structure joined with rivets is an industrial detail directly referring to planes from the Second World War.

The upholstery made of high-quality leather can be color matched to the customer’s requirements, so as to complement the effect of the space in which the chair is will find its place. The configuration possibilities are almost endless, personalizing the chair in terms of the color and finish of individual elements, and the final effect will be a great addition to your living room or office.

Individual project.

Like all our products, this one also gives the possibility of almost any surface finish of the steel structure, selection of the type of glass or the entire table top, leather pads that will match our COMMANDER table.


ul. Poznańska 56, 69-110 Rzepin
woj. lubuskie, Polska


Please do not hesitate to contact us. In addition to the offered products, we are able to create a personalized design which will be made only for you.